Pay for Performance SEO Services

If you are looking for the best and different technique to cut down the cost for your seo campaign then the pay for performance search engine optimization service is best for you. SEO Bond is a globally respected and prominent digital marketing company provids custom pay-for-performance services for your online business. Our no-risks pay-for-performance process combines high client satisfaction with real worth. For our performance based SEO services, we’re paid from client when certain milestones are achived. Our quote may vary from other companies who providing SEO services, and not everyone will be a fit, but here is an example of how it works, here is a process for our Pay for Performance Program.

Step 1: The Primary Set Up
At SEO Bond our SEO exercise begins with primary set up:
1. Website Evaluation: Within this process we analyze your complete website from every aspect. Our website analysis process starts with the content exist on your site, your targeted keywords, website structure and traffic objective.
2. Pre-optimization Evaluation: We conduct conducting pre-optimization examination, before actual optimization exercise, to prepare a suggestion report in totally objective settings.
3. Keywords Research: It is the most important for your website, in this process we help you to analyze the existing keywords already placed on your website by checking like keyword proximity, density, frequency and prominence. As part of our initial set-up, we create a competitive standard to measure SEO results and performance so that your site stays a step ahead of competition.

Step 2: Search Engine Optimization Implementation
Implementation of our SEO process is our next step along with its Monthly Maintenance:
1. Web Pages Optimization: We emphasize on easiness of page navigation, images and their ALT tags that are related in context of each website’s page. We select target keywords for different pages, title tags, description, heading tags, hyperlinks, image names and ALT tags, etc applying years of our search engine knowledge.
2. Submissions: Our team adopts submissions to make sure desired incoming backlinks for your site. For this, we manage manual submissions of the web pages to the local search engines, directories and categories for crawling by the search engine spiders and crawler.
3. Link-building: To lift up the significance of your website on the Internet, we build the utmost number of related high authority backlinks in term of websites and social media.
4. Evaluation and Reporting: SEO Bond’s team makes recommendations for our better results in your next cycle, after carrying out a complete analysis of the current SEO strategy.